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1 New Year's Day; 4 Anthony Wenger; 9 Craig Segor; 10 Kerry Melville; 14 Lilli Stanton; 14 School Opens; 21 Myles Stanton; 30 Beebop


7 Erin McPhail; Ian & Elaine; 11 Shannon Hills, Greg McPhail; 14 Sandy Sawers; 16 Anja McPhail, Graham Hills; 18 Anne Segor; 26 Mid Term Starts; 28 Brenda Wenger


3 Mid Term Ends, Ashley Chronis; 14 Johnny Strydom, Megan & Theo Chronis; 17 Bas Miles; 21 Human Rights Day; Grant and Nicci; 23 Mackenna Smith; 24 Sandy & John; 27 Myles and Lindsey


2 Laura Wilson; 3 Bas & Ting Miles; Craig & Barbara; 12 Greg & Anja; 17 School Closes, Stephen McPhail; 18 Good Friday; 20 Lisa Du Plessis; 21 Family Day; 22 Christopher Wenger; 23 Karen Hills; 27 Freedom Day; 28 Public Holiday


1 Worker's Day; 3 Jan & Wanda Strydom; 5 School Opens Glenna Carlson; 6 Youth Day; 9 Liesl Waters; 13 Margaux Smith; 14 Peter van der Hoven; 17 Neil MacKenzie; 20 Rod & Nicky; 21 Ian & Jennifer McPhail; 22 Sandra Dames; 24 Gramps; 31 David Austen


15 School Holiday, Barbara Segor; 16 Youth Day; 19 Gus; 21 Liesl & Scott Waters; 22 Nathan Austen; Lexi Dames, Jenny miller; 23 Terry & Karin; 26 Mid Term Starts; 29 Karin Wilson


1 Isabella Buys, Jonathan & Peter Sawers; 3 Danda; 4 Jarrod Waters; 5 Domingos Jnr; 6 Mid Term Ends; Ryan McPhail; Terry Wilson; 8 Theo Chronis; 12 Alex Segor; 18 Michael Hills; 21 Retha Strydom; 28 Rod MacKenzie, Johnny & Retha


4 Gabriella Dames; 7 School Term Ends; 8 Anthony Wenger; 9 Women's Day; 11 Angus Melville; 12 Travers Cape; 14 Nicci Whiley; 16 David & Sharon; 22 Craig Joyce; 23 Domingos Snr; 31 Ayrin Taylor


4 Jenny & Dave; 7 Leigh & Gus; 8 School Term Starts; 11 Ken & Jacqui; Kerry-Ann Ferreira; 21 David McPhail; 23 Imogen Ritchie; 24 Heritage Day; 25 School Holiday; 26 Ilan Waters, John Sawers, David Joyce; 29 Gags Betty


3 Sarah McPhail; 5 Dave Miller; 8 Aidan Segor; 11 Grant Whiley; 19 Ken Ritchie; 22 Mid Term Break Starts; Di Austen; 21 Theo Stroh; 24 Nicky MacKenzie; 26 Tony & Jill; Scott Waters, Michael Wenger; 27 Mid Term Break Ends


6 Gags Doreen; 7 Julia Austen; 8 Megan Chronis, Matthew MacKenzie; 11 Leigh; 25 Ian Melville; 26 Joanna Chronis


5 School Closes; Dave & Di; 7 Elaine Melville; 8 Jacqui Ritchie; 9 Wayne Carlson; 12 Day of Reconcilition; 14 Dave & Anne; 15 Kayla Austen; 16 Grant Miller; 17 Lindsay Stanton; 19 Mark Joyce; 25 Christmas Day; Chrystal Stroh; 26 Day of Goodwill
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